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The DARU (Dutch Amateur Radio Union) will issue certificates for QSO’s made after 10‐10‐2010. After this date the new Dutch Kingdom Constitution came in effect and with that 5 new DXCC‐countries joined de Kingdom. The kingdom as a whole may be small, but not many countries in the world consist out of more then one DXCC. For that reason the Worked Dutch Kingdom Certificate is quite unique.

We issue the certificates in a wide range of types like:

1.Mixed HF‐Hambands(160‐80‐40‐30‐20‐17‐15‐12‐10)
1.c.Mixed CW/SSB
1.d.Digital (RTTY/PSK/JT65/etc)
1.e Mixed all modes

2. Single HF‐Hambands(160‐80‐40‐30‐20‐17‐15‐12‐10)
2.c.Mixed CW/SSB
2.d.Digital (RTTY/PSK/JT65/etc)
2.e Mixed all modes

3. Mixed VHF‐Hambands(6m and/or 2m)
3.c.Mixed CW/SSB
3.d.Digital (RTTY/PSK/JT65/etc)
3.e Mixed all modes

4. Single VHF‐Hambands(6m or 2m)
4.c.Mixed CW/SSB
4.d.Digital (RTTY/PSK/JT65/etc)
4.e Mixed all modes

How to apply WDKC Certificate?

Mail your application including scanned QSL-cards and/or LOTW print screen and/or EQSL

After checking the cards/printouts the certificate will be emailed to you as a printable
PDF-file, the certificate are issued FREE of charge.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Application / Awards Claim Worksheet

- Award / Certificate:
- Type of award / certificate:
- Name:
- Call sign:
- E-mail address:
- including computer printout (real-card / LoTW / eQSL)


Contest Certificate

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