Het DX-nieuws van week 2 2022. Ook nu weer verzameld door Henk - PD3H. Hij is een tijdje uit de running geweest. We zijn blij dat ie er weer is en hopen dat het binnenkort snel weer beter gaat qua gezondheid. Beterschap gewenst namens het DARU-team!!


Allereerst een goed DX-jaar gewenst! Onze vriend ‘de Zon’ geeft hier regelmatig wel wat medewerking aan door een gunstig SFI getal te creëren.
Hoe gaat en staat het met de ‘editor’? Mwaa niet echt soepel. Ging het eerst nog redelijk, tot goed, is het nu weer ‘pet’. Bi
nnenkort wel weer een operatie… de laatste hoop ik, want dan gaan ze de laatste restjes(stenen) en double-j ’s verwijderen, en moet het weer goed komen. Zeggen ze...
Maar genoeg over mij, jullie willen ander, mooi nieuws lezen. Dus langzaam de editing weer oppakken.
73, Henk PD3H

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation globally, announced activities might be cut short, postponed, cancelled or even extended at any time and without notice...

DXcalender 2021Aug 

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3B8 - Ray, HB9DNG/F5UKV is moving to Mauritius Island (AF-049) and will be QRV as 3B8HH starting around 20 January. Activity will be on 80-2 meters (possibly 160m) using CW and some SSB. When the station is completely installed, he will operate also some PSK and RTTY. QSL via 3B8HH, direct or bureau; he will upload his log to Club Log.

5Z - If the Covid situation permits, Ferdy, HB9DSP will be active as 5Z4/HB9DSP from Malindi, Kenya on 12-27 January. He will operate SSB and some FT8 on 20, 15 and 10 metres. QSL via LoTW and home call (bureau preferred).

BY - Look for B4/BG2CNO to be QRV from Lingshan Island (AS-150) on 13-15 January. Three operators (Huaniu Amateur Radio Club’s members BD3QC, BG2CNO and BI4MPY) will be active on 80, 40, 30, 20, 17 and 15 metres SSB, CW, FT8 with two stations. QSL via BI4MPY.

FG - Pascal F1MNQ, Pierre F1TCV, Michel F5LRL, Didier F6BCW and Keith VE7KW will be active as TO6S from Les Saintes (NA-114), Guadeloupe from 20 January to 1 February. They plan to use Club Log Live Stream (https://clublog.org/livestream/TO6S), and to operate CW, SSB, FT8/FT4 and RTTY on 160-6 metres with two stations. QSL via F6KJS, direct or bureau. See https://les-saintes.f6kjs.fr/ for more information.

FO/A - Barring any more travel restrictions, Jacek, SP5EAQ should be QRV as FO/SP5EAQ from Rimatara Island (OC-050), Austral Islands on 2-30 March. He will operate only SSB on 80-10m, and will participate in the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest as TX5AQ. Updates will be posted to http://australs.sp7dqr.pl/index.html for updates. QSLs via SP7DQR direct or bureau (OQRS on http://sp7dqr.pl/en/oqrs.php) and LoTW; the logs will be uploaded also to Club Log.

FO/A - "Hoping that Covid doesn't interfere with the project", a team of seven experienced operators (Heye DJ9RR, Doris K0BEE, Gene K5GS, Walt N6XG, Melanie N7BX, Rob N7QT and Steve W1SRD) will be active as TX5N from Raivavae (OC-114), Austral Islands on 16-28 April.
They plan to operate CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8 on 160-10 metres (60m included). QSL via M0URX's OQRS; see https://tx5n.net for more information and QSLling policy.

FS - Jeff, VA3QSL will be active holiday style as FS/VA3QSL from Saint Martin (NA-105) on 6-22 February. He will operate CW, SSB and digital modes on 40-6 metres. QSL via home call (direct or bureau) and LoTW.

G - The Medway Amateur Receiving and Transmitting Society is operating special callsign GB6NU until 27 January in remembrance of its founder, William "Bill" Edgar Nutton G6NU (1 January 1894-22 January 1982), during the society's centenary year. QSL via eQSL.

GM - Special event station GB2KW is active until 28 January from near Inverness, Scotland using vintage equipment manufactured by KW Electronics Ltd during the 1960s and 1970s. Logsearch on Club Log and QSL via LoTW only. Also active from England, especially over the "KW Weekend" (8-9 January), are expected to be GB5KW, GB5KWD, GB8KW and possibly others.

HS - Champ, E21EIC and others (E20NKB, E24OYI, E25KAE, E25OKO, E29TGW, HS0ZET, HS2QJJ, HS2UPR and HS6SSE) will be active as E20AX/p from Koh Samet (AS-107) on 8-10 January. They plan to operate SSB, CW and FT8 on 40-10 metres (also 80m, if space permits) with two or three stations. QSL via LoTW and E21EIC (all QSOs will be confirmed automatically via the bureau); logsearch and OQRS on Club Log.

JW - Erik ON4ANN, Max ON5UR and other thirteen operators (Jelmers DJ5MO, Willy ON2BDJ, Carlo ON4BR, Cedric ON4CKM, Patrick ON4DCU, Andre ON4DTO, Erik ON4EC, Marc ON4MA, Pascal ON5RA, Marc ON6CC, Franky ON7RU, Marc ON8AK and Francis ON8AZ) will be active as JW0X from Svalbard (EU-026) on 19-26 April. They will operate CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8 on 160-6 metres with five stations from three different locations in Longyearbyen. The DXpedition will include the first ever QO-100 satellite operation from Svalbard - look for ON4CKM, ON4DCU and ON5UR to be active as JW100QO from Kapp Linne on 22-24 April. See http://www.dx-adventure.com/en/home-eng/ for more information. QSLs via M0URX's OQRS (https://www.m0urx.com/oqrs/) for direct and bureau cards; the full logs will be uploaded to LoTW after six months.

LZ - Once again Radio Club Blagovestnik (LZ1KCP) will use twelve special callsigns throughout 2022 to honour as many different Orthodox saints: LZ290WA (January), LZ251MA (February), LZ475GJ (March), LZ303AT (April), LZ330AL (May), LZ444KA (June), LZ540DS (July), LZ258ML (August), LZ31ZE (September), LZ457PP (October), LZ407IZ (November) and LZ634SM (December). QSL via the bureau or direct to P.O. Box 36, 4300 Karlovo, Bulgaria. Details on the "All Saints 2022"" award can be found at http://www.lz1kcp.com/.

P4 - Mathias, DL4MM will be active as P4/DL4MM (CW and SSB) and P40AA (FT8) from Aruba (SA-036) from 23 January to 1 February. He will concentrate on the low and WARC bands, and will participate in the CQ WW 160-Meter CW Contest (28-30 January) as P40AA. QSLs via LoTW, Club Log's OQRS, or via DL4MM.

PY - The ZY6A operation from Ilha dos Frades (SA-023) [425DXN 1599] has been rescheduled for earlier, and is now expected to take place on 13-16 January. Rafael, PP2OK will operate SSB (7160, 14260, 21260 and 28460 kHz), and Robson, PY6TV will operate CW (7040, 14040, 21040 and 28040 kHz). QSL direct to PY6TV; logsearch on Club Log.

TA - TC60TRAC is the special callsign for the Turkiye Radyo Amatorleri Cemiyeti (the Turkish Amateur Radio Association, the national IARU member society) to celebrate its 60th anniversary during 2022. QSL via the bureau.

VU - Pedro, EA5GL is the new QSL manager for AU2GSI, the special call-
sign that members of the West Bengal Radio Club will be using some-
time between 9 and 16 January from Sagar Island (AS-153) [425DXN
1600]. Expect some sporadic activity on 40, 20 and 15 metres, as
their main purpose will be to provide assistance to the pilgrims
attending the annual Ganga Sagar Mela.

YB - Look for Agus, YB1TDL/4 and Budi, YC1RQZ/4 to be QRV from Rakata Island (OC-262) on 15-20 January. They will operate SSB and FT8 on 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres. QSLs direct to HA3JB, whose OQRS can be found on http://www.ha3jb.com/oqrs.html.


Iota News: No info received, yet


Qsl Info
QSL GALLERY ---> The large collection of QSL cards on Les Nouvelles DX's website has been updated. Sixteen different galleries include 19,527 cards for the ten Most Wanted DXCC Entities (2012-21), the 62 deleted DXCC Entities, obsolete prefixes, stations from Maghreb from 1945 to 1962, Allied Forces stations in Germany (1945-80), special stations commemorating ITU and IARU, stations using the United Nations prefix (4U), Antarctic bases and TAAF (Terres Australes and Antarctiques Francaises), the various French DXCC island Entities in the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Americas (from 1945 to 1969), pre-1945 countries, French Departments and CONUS, plus a gallery for cards not accepted by DXCC. Your participation is encouraged: http://www.lesnouvellesdx.fr/galerieqsl.php..


QSL MM0EAX ---> Charles, M0OXO is the new QSL manager for Dave, MM0EAX from the Orkney Islands (EU-009). The full log has been uploaded to M0OXO’s OQRS (https://www.m0oxo.com/oqrs/) for direct or bureau card requests . Dave is also a keen supporter of LoTW.


QSL XF1C ---> Continuing his project to recover logs from past expeditions, Pedro, EA5GL has picked up the direct and bureau QSLing for the November 2011 XF1C DXpedition to Isla Coronado (NA-165). See http://qrz.com/db/ea5gl for information.

No Info received

A prominent figure in the French amateur radio world, Paul-Joel Herbet, F2YT passed away
on 31 December aged 77.




9N7AA --- > "The Ultra Beam/WIMO 2el Yagi (40-6m) is now installed on top of the new residence and it 'sits' at around 23m, with a clear shot in all directions", Robert, 9N7AA announced on 1 January. "It is currently fixed to EU and East Coast USA, with an instant 180-degree switch, still waiting for the rotator to arrive. Finally, some good news on my shipment from T6. It seems that nine boxes with all kinds of radio gear will be leaving Kabul this week", and hopefully the station should be completely set up by mid-January. Robert has also "made some arrangements with my neighbors for 80-160 sloper installation. Hope to be able to activate low bands sometime in February, after returning from short holidays in S5". QSL via LoTW, Club Log's OQRS (to be enabled soon), or direct only to S57DX.


KH1, KH3, KH5, KH9 ---> The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) have announced their intention to prepare a Monument Management Plan for the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, and are seeking comments and input. The PRIMNM includes the current DXCC Entities of Baker & Howland
(KH1), Johnston (KH3), Palmyra & Jarvis (KH5) and Wake (KH9). The International DX Association (INDEXA) is closely following the status of the new Management Plan and has submitted comments on behalf of its nearly 1000 members requesting amateur radio be included in the new Plan. All submitted comments are a matter of public record and can be found and read here:


MOST WANTED LIST ---> Club Log's latest Most Wanted List, generated on 3 January, can be found at https://clublog.org/mostwanted.php. The information is derived from QSOs uploaded to Club Log (currently 813 million log entries are available for analysis) and, to improve quality, only QSOs that have QSLs confirmed are considered to be worked. The most wanted charts are rebuilt once per month, on average. The top 20 Entities are:
1. P5 DPRK (North Korea) 11. FT/G Glorioso Islands
2. 3Y/B Bouvet Island 12. VK0M Macquarie Island
3. FT5/W Crozet Islands 13. YV0 Aves Island
4. BS7H Scarborough Reef 14. KH4 Midway Island
5. CE0X San Felix & San Ambrosio 15. ZS8 Prince Edward & Marion Isls
6. BV9P Pratas Island 16. PY0S St Peter and St Paul Rocks
7. KH7K Kure Island 17. PY0T Trindade & Martim Vaz Isls
8. KH3 Johnston Island 18. KP5 Desecheo Island
9. 3Y/P Peter I Island 19. VP8S South Sandwich Islands
10. FT5/X Kerguelen Islands 20. KH5 Palmyra & Jarvis Islands


VE3LYC'S IOTA BOOK ---> "Dream Big and Dare to Fail", Cezar Trifu’s book (240 pages, full color, with 516 illustrations) about his IOTA adventures, is now available for order: http://ve3lyc-book.weebly.com.


WSJT-X 2.5.4 ---> The WSJT Development Group has announced the General Availability release of WSJT-X Version 2.5.4, a bug-fix release correcting a couple of flaws detected since the 2.5.3 GA. The links to the installation packages for Windows, Linux and Macintosh macOS can be found as usual on https://physics.princeton.edu//pulsar/k1jt/wsjtx.html. Also, the core WSJT
Development Group welcomes two new members (Chet Fennell, KG4IYS and Uwe Risse, DG2YCB) who bring "important skills and experience to the project, after the loss of Bill Somerville, G4WJS".


YB1TDL/8 ---> Agus, YB1TDL operated as YB1TDL/8 from Karakelong (OC-209) during the month of December 2021. Please note that "his FT8 activity between 21 and 27 December was carried out remotely", Cezar, VE3LYC (IOTA Operations Manager) says, "as he operated his station on the island from Manado, on Sulawesi (OC-146). Agus was not aware at the time of the IOTA rules regarding remote operation. During that time he made about 60 QSOs, which unfortunately cannot be used toward either OC-146 or 209 credits".