Het DX-nieuws van week 29 2021. Ook nu weer verzameld door Henk - PD3H.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation globally, announced activities might be cut short, postponed, cancelled or even extended at any time and without notice...

 DXcalender 2021Mei

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BY - BA4TB and others will participate in the IOTA Contest as B4T from Kaishan Island
(AS-135). Before the Contest they will operate CW, SSB and FT8 on 40-6 metres as BI4SSB. QSLs via BA7TB.


C6, BAHAMAS (Update/IOTA Op/Correction). It seems that three of the nine operators, who were expected to be active from Bimini Islands (NA-048, WW Loc. FL05), are on the air. Operators Richard/NN2T (C6AHB - SSB, FT4/8), Steven/WA8Y (C6AYW - CW) and Juan/AC6ZM (C6AZM - CW, FT4/8) continue to be active until July 21st. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB and FT8/FT4. QSL via eQSL, ClubLog and LoTW.


C6, BAHAMAS. Operators Joe/W8GEX and his XYL Janet/W8CAA are now active as C6ADX and C6AYL from the Island of Exuma. Length of stay is not known. They are using an Icom IC-7300 with an Elecraft KPA500 amp into a 5 band TW fan dipole. Most activity is on FT8. QSL via direct with a SASE to their home callsigns listed on QRZ.com (NO IRCs) or LoTW. Please NO Bureau cards.


CT8 - Jim, W6PQL will be active as CT8/W6PQL from Pico Island (EU-175), Azores from
25 July to 4 September. He will operate FT8 on all bands and SSB on 20 metres; between 1 August and 3 September he will operate 2m EME and tropo. QSL via LoTW, or direct to
home call.


F - F4ESV, F5LPY and F8EFU will be active as TM21MAB from 22 July to 3 August for this year's Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons event for hot air balloons. They will operate CW, SSB and digital modes on all bands. QSL via F5LPY; the logs will be uploaded to Club Log and LoTW.


F - Eddy, ON6EF and Christiaan, ON1BN will be active as F/ON6EF/p and F/ON1BN/p from Grande-Ile, Chausey Islands (EU-039) during the IOTA Contest (24-25 July). They will be QRV from 9 to 15 UTC both days; plans are to operate SSB with two stations on two different bands at the same time.


GM - MM0NDX, MM0OKG and possibly others will be active as MS0INT from the Summer Isles (EU-092) on 24-26 July. They will participate in the IOTA Contest as GM5DX. QSL via EB7DX and LoTW.


GU - Ian, G3VWG and Bob, GU4YOX will participate in the IOTA Contest as MP5A from Alderney Island (EU-114), Guernsey. QSL via LoTW, Club Log's OQRS, or via G3TXF (see http://www.g3txf.com/QSLingTips.htm).


HC, ECUADOR (Also, HC8). YL Fer, HC1TFB, who lives in Quito, Ecuador, has been active on FT8 recently on 40/20/15/10 meters between 1830-0015z. She works for an airline company in Ecuador and is expected to be active occasionally from Galapagos Islands as HC1TFB/HC8. NO QSNs yet on the
DXCluster and no specific dates. QSL via the address on QRZ.com.


HP - Celebrating the bicentennial of the independence of Panama from Spain, HP2AT and HP2NG are active as 3F200AT and 3F200NG until 30 November. QSL via LoTW, eQSL, or via Club Log's OQRS (to be enabled after the activity is over).


IS0, SARDINIA. Emil, DL8JJ, has been active as IS0/DL8JJ/M from Sardinia Island (EU-024) since July 15th, but he made a side trip on July 16th to Maddalena di Alghero Island (EU-165) as IS0/DL8JJ/P. Activity has been on various HF bands and he will be on Sardinia until July 24th. QSL via DL8JJ, direct, by the Bureau or LoTW.


J6, ST. LUCIA. Bill, K9HZ, will once again be active as J68HZ from a villa at Labrelotte Bay, Castries, St. Lucia (NA-108, WLOTA L-1336), between August 21st and November 8th. Activity is usually on 160-2 meters using CW, SSB and FT8, including some contests. QSL J68HZ via LoTW, eQSL or direct to K9HZ (see QRZ.com). No Bureau QSLs.


J8 - Brian, GW4DVB will be active again as J88PI from Palm Island (NA-025) from 23 July to 1 August. He will operate SSB, FT8 and "if anyone requests it in advance, I'm willing to give it a go on CW". QSL direct to home call (see https://www.g4dvb.co.uk/ for PayPal information).


JA - Look for JI3DST/5, JR8YLY/5 and JR8YLY/p (FT8) to be active again from Shodo Island
(AS-200) on 22-26 July and 18-26 September. JI3DST/5 will participate in the IOTA Contest. All QSOs will be uploaded to Club Log and made available for Club Log Matching on the IOTA website.


JD1, OGASAWARA. Takashi "Tony", JH1FFW, will once again be active as JD1/JH1FFW from Ogasawara (AS-031) between August 21-25th. Activity will be on 40-6 meters using SSB and FT8. QSL via JH1FFW, by the Bureau (JARL), LoTW and eQSL.


JW0W SVALBARD DXPEDITION NEWS (Update). Kenneth, LA7GIA, posted the following on FaceBook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/288876866220488), July 16th
[edited]: "Guys are exited - dinghy landing with 30 x luggage, 300 l of fuel, 2 generators, 5 radios, 5 amplifiers, 2 tents, 2 huskys, food&drinks, enough ammunition, 2 rifles, enough warm clothes, personal beacon locator - just for fun at 78N! Prins Karls Forland island."
JUST A REMINDER: Activity by the JW0W 2021 team from Prins Karls Forland (EU-063) will take place between the July 21st and July 26th. This will be a tent and generator trip into the Nature reserve west of Svalbard at 78N which requires a special permit and SAR insurance. The JW0W team consists
of Allan/EA3HSO, Erwann/LB1QI, Gjermund/LA5GI, Kenneth/LA7GIA, Rune/LA7THA, Chris/LA8OM and Ronny (Security officer). Their main focus will be on 40/30/20m (all modes) - and of course also other bands if propagation allows. QSL via M0OXO's OQRS (direct and by the Bureau), and direct QSL.
The log will also be uploaded on LoTW. Visit their Web site at: http://jw0w.no


OJ0, MARKET REEF. Pasi, OH3WS, will be active as OJ0WS from Market Reef (EU-053) between August 21-28th. Activity will be on various HF bands using CW. QSL via his home callsign.


PZ, SURINAME (Update). Before and after their trip to Papagaaien Island (SA-092; see details above), operators Markus/DJ4EL and Sascha/PF9Z will be active as PZ5GE and PZ5SB, respectively from the mainland of Suriname (WW Loc. GJ25io) between October 9-23rd. Activity will be on 80-10 meters using SSB. QSL PZ5GE via ClubLog's OQRS or LoTW. QSL PZ5SB via PF9Z by the Bureau or LoTW. For more details and updates, see: http://pf9z.com
Also, watch QRZ.com under DJ4EL or Twitter: https://twitter.com/rapanuiman


TF, ICELAND. Laurent, HB9HKE, will be active as TF/HB9HKE from Iceland between July 22nd and August 7th. His main trip will be for Paramotoring
(https://cdn-bio.qrz.com/e/tf_hb9hke/Laurent_Flying_in_Iceland_2.jpg), but operations will be on various HF bands using a LAB599 TX-500 w/10w, a DIY599 power amp (60W), and wire antenna for 20m. QSL via LoTW (preferred), but will also use QRZ.com and eQSL. ADDED NOTE: View Laurent's
YouTube video (about 14 minutes long) called Paramotor Adventure Iceland 2020 reportage "Iceland from above" at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TiMSEyWYeQ&t=14s
Also, visit his Web page at: https://www.laurentegli.com


TG, GUATEMALA. Steve, K4IM, is currently active as TG9AWS from just outside of Guatemala City until August 15th. Activity is on 40-6 meters using CW, SSB and the Digital modes with an Elecraft K3 w/KPA500 amp into End-fed 40m antenna and a R8 vertical. QSL via W3HNK, direct, LoTW or ClubLog's OQRS.


TM21, FRANCE (Special Event). Operators Wil/F4ESV, Bernard/F5LPY and Phil/F8EFU will be active with the special callsign TM21MAB between July 22nd and August 3rd. Activity is during the Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons 2021 event (https://www.pilatre-de-rozier.com/lmab/) from Chambley Airport between July 23rd and August 1st. Their operations will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. A special QSL card will be printed for this SES (special event station). QSL via direct (No IRCs), ClubLog, LoTW or by the Bureau (F5LPY). No eQSL.


TM21, FRANCE (Reminder/Special Event). Members of the Radio Club du Val D'issole will activate TM21OG from Le Castellet, France, between July 23rd and August 8th. Activity is to celebrate this year's Olympic Games in Japan. Operations will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB, PSK, RTTY
and FT8/FT4. QSL via F4GPB, direct, by the Bureau, eQSL, ClubLog or LoTW.


UA - Leonid, UA3DJ will operate special callsign R15MAKS for the 15th edition of the International Aviation and Space Salon (Mezhdunarodnyj Aiatsionno-Kosmicheskij Salon) to be held in the city of Zhukovsky on 20-25 July. QSL via UA3DJ.


V8 - Celebrating the 75th birthday of HRM Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei, special callsign V84SKP will be active on 18-24 July on 40, 20, 15 and 10m SSB, CW and FT8. QSL direct to P.O. Box 849, MPC Old Airport, Bandar Seri Begawan BB3577, Brunei Darussalam.


W - N4CW and W4TMO will be active as K1IMI from Bailey Island (NA-137) on 24 July "starting at 1200Z and going until after local sunset". They will participate in the IOTA Contest as a 12-hour entry, and will operate "probably all CW" on mainly 40 and 20 metres. QSL via LoTW or direct to N4CW.


W0-W9, UNITED STATES (Special Event). Look for special event stations W0T through W9T to be active between August 1-8th. Activity is to celebrate the Worlds Largest Teapot
(https://cdn-bio.qrz.com/t/w8t/teapot_front.jpg) located in Chester, WV. This special event is to be coordinated with the Teapot Festival, on Saturday, August 7th. The operators will activate the special event stations throughout the week, and the W8T station will be active at the Teapot Festival. This will be a coordinated event with operators from all call areas operating. Callsigns in operation will be
W1T, W2T, W3T, W4T, W5T, W6T, W7T, W8T, W9T and W0T. Also operating will be WV8HAT as a bonus station. This will be an all mode all band event and operators will be posting activations on cluster sites, please also spot them when you hear them. There will be a certificate available for this
event. They do ask for a donation of 3 USDs to help offset costs of the certificates and postage. Log sheets will be available on their Web site. All contacts can qualify for the certificate. Contacting all 10 teapot stations qualifies as a full cup (clean sweep), or all 10 plus the bonus is a full pot. Send logs and certificate requests to: Justin Shaw, 813 Washington Street Suite 207, Newell, WV 26050. For more details, see the Hancock Auxcomm Team's Web page at: https://www.wv8hat.org


YB - Special callsign 8C50ODKS will be active on 16-18 July to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ORARI branch of Souht Kalimantan (ORARI Daerah Kalimantan Selatan). An electronic QSL will be available on https://event.orarikalsel.or.id/ses-50th-odks-8c50odks/ after 31 July.


YN - Rafael, NN3RP will be active as YN2RP from Nicaragua between 17 July and 12 August. He will operate SSB, CW and FT8 on 40, 20 and 10 metres, and he also plans "to do some satellite operating". QSL via LoTW, eQSL, or direct to NN3RP.


ZC, UK BASE AREAS ON CYPRUS. Phil, M7CBK/2E0VYG, is now active as ZC4CBK from Akrotiri, Cyprus SBA (WW Loc. KM64LN). He states, "I will be operating this callsign on a regular basis until October '21, and from there again on future visits to this beautiful island. My main interests are HF Digital
Modes, and I will be primarily operating FT4 and FT8 modes on 20m using my Icom IC-705, this feeds a homebrew dipole via a SOTABeams 1:1 balun. I plan to also get up and running on 2m to allow me to use the RV48 (FM) and RV51 (DStar) repeaters in the Troodos Mountains." QSL via EB7DX.


ZV32, BRAZIL (Special Event). MOR, PT7ZT, is now active as ZV32ZT from Eusébio - Ceara until August 13th. Activity is to commemorate the 32nd Olympic Games of Tokyo, Japan. Operations will be on SSB and the Digital modes. QSL via PT7ZT, direct or LoTW.



Iota News
*AS-066. Russian operators Sergey/R0LS, Yuri/R0MZ, YL Elena/RC5A, Alex/RU0LL, Serge/RW0LD and Sergey/RW0LZ will be active as homecall/p from Reinecke Island sometime this week. Operators will be active during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 24-25th) with possibly one or more above callsigns.

*AS-135. A group of Chinese operators will be active as B4T from Kaishan Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 24-25th) as a Multi-2/High-Power entry. QSL via BA4TB. Operators mentioned are Dale/BA4TB, Gu/BD4TS, Mingchun/BD4XI, Xingang/BH4TVU and possibly others. Outside of the contest, operators will be active as BI4SSB (Jiangyin ARES Club Callsign) on 40-6 meters using CW,
SSB and FT8. QSL via BA4TB, LoTW or ClubLog's OQRS.

*AS-149. (Postponed) A Russian team that was expected to be active as RI0FM from Moneron Island (WW Loc. QN06pf, RR-16-01, RDA SL-16, WFF RFF-193, Asiatic Russia) between July 15-31st, has postponed their operation due to team member(s) being ill. It may be possible to reschedule their activity for August 2021. For more details and updates, see: https://ri0fm.ru

*EU-005. (Change) Gordon, MM0GOR, will not be active as MM1E from Great Cumbrae Island
(EU-123), but will be active as MM1E from Great Britian Island (Mainland) instead during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 24-25th) [usually] as a Single-Op/All-Bands/SSB-Mode/12-Hrs/High-Power entry. QSL via ClubLog's OQRS or LoTW. NO Bureau QSLs.

*EU-010. Look for GM7V to be active again from the Island of Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 24-25th) as a Multi-2 entry. Operators mentioned are
John/MM0CCC, Gordon/MM0GPZ, Chris/GM3WOJ, and Keith/GM4YXI. Please QSL via Steve, N3SL.

*EU-130. Operators Alessio/IV3GDE, Daniele/IV3OSC, Pietro/IV3EHH, John/IV3AVQ, Gianni/IW3QRM, Giuseppe/IW3RWZ, Lucio/IV3HWT, Mauro/IV3AZV, Paolo/IV3BCA, Vittorio/IV3DCZ, Silvio/IV3TRK, Ilario/IV3CGJ, Ferruccio/IV3GLK, Umberto/IV3ARJ, Factors/IV3APH, Sergio/IZ3NXC and Bruno/IV3KYQ will be active as II3Y from Santa Maria di Barbana Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest
(July 24-25th) as a Multi-Op/DXpedition/Low-Power entry. QSL via M0OXO. The team will be active between July 23-25th. Activity will be on various HF bands using CW and SSB. They will also be on FT8 using the callsign IQ3JT.

*EU-034. Operators Yuris/YL2GM and Ziedonis/YL2GN will be active as ES6JP/0 and ES6TZ/0 from Hiiumaa Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest. They will be on the island July 23-25th. QSL via their home callsigns.

*EU-039. Operators Eddy/ON6EF and Christiaan/ON1BN will be active as F/ON6EF/p and F/ON1BN/p from Grande-Island, Chausey Islands, during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 24-25th) as Single-Ops entry. Operators will be active both days between 0900-1500z; because they take the morning ferry and back in the evening. They plan to operate on SSB with two stations on 80-10 meters but on two different bands at the same time. Activation is also valid for WWFF, reference is FFF-0600, ARLHS lighthouse FRA-005 and WCA F-02088. QSL F/ON6EF/p via his home callsign, direct, by the Bureau or eQSL. NO LoTW. QSL F/ON1BN/p via his home callsign.

*EU-054. Look for IF9A to be active from Favignana Island (IIA TP-011, MIA MI-025, WLOTA LH-1545) during the RSGB IOTA Contest as (July 24-25th) as a 24-Hrs/Assisted/CW/Low-Power entry. QSL via IT9ATF.

*EU-114. Members of the "Three A's Contest Group" will be active as MP5A from Alderney Island, Guernsey, during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 24-25th) as a Multi-Op entry. QSL via G3TXF, OQRS or LoTW. Operators mentioned Ian/G3WVG and Bob/GU4YOX.

*EU-123. (Update) Members of the 7M Contest Group will be active as GM7M from the Isle of Arran between July 22-25th. Their activity includes the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 24-25th) as a Multi-2/Island entry. QSL GM7M via G3VCQ. Operators mentioned are DJ/G3UNA, Colin/G3VCQ, Bill/G4ZVB, Charlie/GI4FUE, Rob/M0KPD, YL Sharon/M3VCQ and Peter/MI5JYK. The may also use the callsign
MS0SDC on 6 meters FT8.

*EU-131. Several members of the ARI Mestre Team will be active as IQ3ME/p from Pellestrina Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 24-25th) as a Multi-Single entry. QSL via IQ3ME, direct, by the Bureau or LoTW.

*EU-144. Roberto, IK8PGM, will be active as ID8A from Cirella Island on Thursday, July 29th, weather permitting. Activity will be on various HF bands. QSL via his home callsign.

*EU-146. Operators Maarten/PA3EYC, Hans/PE1KWH, Gert/PA2LO, Gerard/PD0PIW and Tymen/PA3GRM will be active as PI4AMF/p from Schouwen-Duivenland Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 24-25th) as a Multi-2/Island Station/Fixed entry. QSL via PA3EYC or ClubLog's OQRS.

*EU-175. Jim, W6PQL, will be active as CT8/W6PQL from Pico Island, Azores, between July 25th and September 4th. His operating schedule is as follows:
- HF from July 25th through September 3rd, nightly from 2200-2400z on or about 14240 kHz, and around 7140-7180 kHz in the mornings from 0800-1000z
- 2 meter EME from July 30th through September 3rd, using E-mail (jim at w6pql.com) or N0UK or HB9Q for scheduling
- 2 meter tropo (FT8 mode) into Europe as conditions permit (please schedule by E-mail)
QSL via LoTW, or direct to W6PQL. ADDED NOTES: Check out his pictures on QRZ.com. Also, if you miss him this year, he will return next year.

*NA-036. Gabor, VE7JH, will be active from the VE7UF's contest station on Vancouver Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 24-25th) as a Single-Op/Mixed-Mode/All-Band/24-Hrs/Assisted entry. QSL via VE7JH, direct, by the Bureau, eQSL, ClubLog or LoTW.

*NA-137. "The Daily DX" reports that operator Bert, N4CW, and possibly Jim, W4TMO, are going to activate Bailey Island, Maine, as K1IMI on Saturday, July 24th, starting at 1200z and end after their local sunset. The duo will use a battery powered K3 and inverted V G5RV running 100 watts, probably all CW. Listen for them on 20 and later on 40 meters, possibly some 15 meters.
QSL via LoTW or direct to N4CW.

*NA-151. Bo, OZ1DJJ, will once again be active as OX3LX from Tasiilaq Island (WW Loc. HP15EO), Greenland, between July 28th and August 13th. Activity will be on 40-4 meters with a focus 50 and 70 MHz. When not active, he will run a WSPR beacon on 40-6 meters. He states this is NOT a DXpedition, and the best chance to work him will be around lunchtime and after dinner (his local time UTC-2), also during the weekend, possibly at night/morning. QSL via OZ0J direct (see QRZ.com). Logs get uploaded to LoTW, ClubLog and sometimes eQSL. For more details and updates, watch QRZ.com or his Web page at: http://geronne.dk/index.php/ox3lx/ox3lx-dxped

*SA-092. (Update) Operators Markus/DJ4EL (PZ5GE), Sascha/PF9Z (PZ5SB) and Rico/PZ5JW will once again try to activate Pagegaaien Island (WW Loc. GJ15kv)as PZ5G between October 15-18th. Activity will be on 80-10 meters using CW and SSB. QSL PZ5G via LoTW or ClubLog.


Qsl Info

BX3AX/2 NEW QSL ROUTE. Cezar, VE3LYC, reports: Those who still need a QSL card for this operation carried out in early October 2014 from Juhua Island (AS-151), can request them now from Pedro (EA5GL), either direct or via the Bureau.

E51WL QSL STATUS. Warwick, E51WL, reports on July 9th [edited]: "Ship came in today and we received a bag of mail. Mostly QSL cards for me, I see some dating back on postmark to very late last year! I shall process these cards over the next few days and should turn them around 14th July. There is no need to send to me a card. But if you'd prefer to post, go ahead be my guest. Be warned, The snail moves slowly!" If you want to use Paypal for requests for confirmation of your QSO, it goes to (Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.) with 3 USDs for up to 3 card(s). Please include the date of the QSO and all other info. Anything that is unclear, he will put it aside until later. Warwick states, "Of course I have no control over the postal routes, I process all requests for QSL cards and they go to the post office. After that, they are out of my hands, and I'm not responsible if they go astray in the postal system. There are a lot of stops along the way to far away places!!"

8N0J ---- Koichiro Sakamoto, 1-3-28 Kita Shiro-cho, Joetsu-shi, Niigata, 943-0824, Japan
C6ADX -- Joe Pater, 2419 Pierson Rd., Oxford OH 45056, USA
CR6K ---- Filipe Monteiro Lopes, Rua Manuel Jose da Silva 184, Espinheira, 3720-537 Sao Martinho da Gandara, Portugal
CT9ABO - Jozef Lang, Obrancov Mieru 344, 059 34 Spisska Teplica, Slovak Republic
HG0HQ -- Szabo Karoly, Fuzesgyarmat, Aradi u. 42, 5525, Hungary
II3LH ----- Roberto Napoletani, Via degli Alpini 1, 30027 San Dona di Piave VE, Italy
IO9A ----- Antonello Scauso, Via Tenente Minniti 105, 98057 Milazzo ME, Italy
OY1CT --- Carsten Thomsen, Uppi i Troed 8, FO-340 Kvivik, Faroe Islands
PZ2YT ---- Yudel Torres, C Van Dalstraat 221, Nieuw Nickerie, Suriname
ZL6HQ ---- Frank Hunt, 8 Manu Crescent, Upper Vogeltown, New Plymouth 4310, New Zealand
ZV32ZT --- Carlos Alberto Pinto Moreira, Rua Pamela Loren 59, Mangabeira, Eusebio - CE, 61760-000, Brazil

No Info received

No info received


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Interfacing Yaesu DR-1X Repeater
A Super-Duper Tiny 3D-Printed HF Radio Antenna.
Cushcraft MA6VA – Six-Band Restricted-Space Vertical Antenna
How to Test EMP Proof Container with tinySA
The Take-off Angle Theory
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Radials, Radials, Radials! Learn about radials!
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Hermes-Lite SDR Project
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IDXC 2022 ---> Hotel reservations for the 73rd International DX Convention, sponsored by the Southern California DX Club and held at the Wyndham Hotel in Visalia on 8-10 April 2022, are now open: complete information can be found on http://www.dxconvention.org/hotel.html.


OZ/DL2JRM ---> Rene, DL2JRM conducted an island-hopping tour of Denmark between 29 June and 15 July . He operated as OZ/DL2JRM from IOTA groups EU-029 (29-30 June), EU-172 (1-4 July and 12 July), EU-171 (5-7 July), EU-88 (8-11 July) and EU-125 (13-15 July). The tour included a large number of islands for the Danish Islands Award (https://www.ddxg.dk/awards/island.htm)
and Rene's itinerary is detailed on his qrz.com page. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.


YASME FOUNDATION SUPPORTING GRANT ---> The Board of Directors of the Yasme Foundation has announced that it has made an additional grant to the Maranyundo School (Rwanda) and their Makerspace program. This grant provides access to material from ARRL's Virtual Teachers Institute, and funds to purchase material and supplies for classroom experiments. Earlier this year
Yasme supplied the school with amateur radio related books for classroom use. The Yasme Foundation (http://www.yasme.org/) is a not-for-profit corporation organized to support scientific and educational projects related to amateur radio, including DXing and the introduction and promotion of amateur radio in developing countries.


ARAUCARIA DX GROUP NEWS (Press Release, dated July 15th)[edited]. It is a great pleasure to inform the DX Community that the Araucaria DX Group (GADX) board has unanimously inducted Y. Zorro Miyazawa, JH1AJT, for our "GADX HALL OF FAME."
The "GADX Hall of Fame" was established to recognize radio amateurs who have made major contributions to the Hamradio Community at large mainly for DX and Contesting.
The activities and accomplishments that qualify one for membership in these elite groups involve considerable personal sacrifice and can usually be described by the phrase "above and beyond the call of duty." With this spirit, from time to time we announce the most accomplished members of our ham community as inductees to this honor. The election is made by vote from all our 24 board members.
Those are the gentlemen who already received this honor:
1) PY5GA - Olavo Scherrer-------------------6) K1LZ - Krassimir Petkov
2) PY2BJO - Junior Torres de Castro-------7) PP5JR - Sérgio Lima de Almeida
3) PY5ZBU - Donald William Murden------8) DJ9ZB - Franz Langner
4) PY5CC - Peter Zoch Sprengel-------------9) OH2BH - Martti Lane
5) PY7ZZ - Fred Souto Maior----------------10) JH1AJT - Y.Zorro Miyazawa


FT8DMC ANNIVERSARY ACTIVITY WEEKS 2021. To commemorate the 4th anniversary, eight special event stations will be on air during the "FT8DMC Activity Days" between August 2-15th. All stations will bear the FTDMC or FTDM suffix, referring to the second anniversary of the "FT8 Digital Mode Club". Special QSL-cards will confirm all QSOs and all logs will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL.
The following stations are expected (some may not) to be active:
8B1FTDM (Indonesia, Operator YB1BX, QSL via OE6VIE)
9K8FTDMC (Kuwait, QSL via 9K2RA)
A60FTDMC (United Arab Emirates, QSL via EA7FTR)
A91FTDMC (Bahrain, Operator A92AA, QSL via A92AA)
DQ8FTDMC (Germany, QSL via DM2RM)
GB0DMC (Wales, Operator MW0USK, QSL via DJ6OI)
HZ8FTDMC (Saudi Arabia, Operators SARS, QSL via SARS)
II2FTDM (Italy, Operator IK2EKO, QSL via IK2EKO, direct, eQSL or LoTW)
II8FTDM (Italy, Operator IK8YFU, QSL via IK8YFU)
LR8FTDMC (Argentina, QSL via F1ULQ)
LX8FTDMC (Luxembourg, Operators LX1TI, LX1JH, LX1HD, QSL via LX1TI)
OD5FTDMC (Lebanon, Operator OD5TE, QSL via K3IRV)
OE21FTDMC (Austria, Operator OE4KSF, QSL via direct, Bureau or LoTW)
OE4FTDMC (Austria, listen for QSL route)
PF21FTDMC (Netherlands, QSL via PH2M)
RO3FTDM (Russia, listen for QSL route)
SU8FTDMC (Egypt, QSL via A92AA)
TK8FTDM (Corsica, listen for QSL route)
TM8FTDM (France, QSL via F1ULQ)
TO8FTDM (Guadeloupe, Operator FG8OJ, QSL via F1ULQ)
YP8FTDMC (Romania, QSL via LoTW, eQSL, Clublog)
YQ6FTDMC (Romania, QSL via eQSL or LoTW)
Z3FTDMC (North Macedonia, Operator Z33YL, QSL via OE6VIE)
ZL6FTDMC (New Zealand, Operator ZL1MVL, QSL via F1ULQ)
ZY2FTDMC (Brazil, QSL via PP2CS, Bureau, direct, eQSL, LoTW or ClubLog)

An FTDMC Anniversary Award can be earned by working the FTDMC and FTDM stations and collecting points applicable for various award classes:
Bronze: 10 QSOs with at least 6 different special 'FTDMC/FTDM' stations
Silver: 15 QSOs with at least 8 different special 'FTDMC/FTDM' stations
Gold: 20 QSOs with at least 10 different special 'FTDMC/FTDM' stations
Platinum: 25 QSO's with 12 different special 'FTDMC/FTDM' stations
For more details, see the FT8DMC Web page at: https://www.ft8dmc.eu