DX-nieuws van week 34 - 2020. Ook nu weer verzameld door Henk - PD3H.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation globally, announced activities might be cut short, postponed, cancelled or even extended at any time and without notice...

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3Z1920/HF1920/SN1920/SO1920/SP1920/SQ1920, POLAND (Special Event). Look for special event stations 3Z1920PS, HF1920PS, SN1920PS, SO1920PS, SP1920PS and SQ1920PS to be active until September 15th. Activity is to commemorate the second Silesian Uprising of 100 years ago (August 19-25th, 1920). For QSL information, see QRZ.com for each callsign. An award is available.
For details, see:       https://logsp.pzk.org.pl/a/ps1920/rules.php

8A62, INDONESIA (Special Event). Look for special event station 8A62BALI to be active between August 21-23rd. Activity is to celebrate 62nd anniversary of the Bali Province. It is suggested to watch the following frequencies on the following days:
        August 21st --  2 meters (145.550 MHz)
        August 22nd -- 80 meters (3.870 MHz)
        August 23rd -- 40 meters (7.135 MHz)
 QSL via info on QRZ.com, direct or by the Bureau.

9M63, WEST MALAYSIA. (Special Event). Radio amateurs from Kangar, Perlis, West Malaysia, will be active with the special callsign 9M63MR to celebrate the 63rd Malaysian Independence Day. Activity will be on various HF bands and modes. QSL via 9M63MR

CN     - Members of the  Association Royale des Radioamateurs du Maroc  will be using the special prefix  5E7 on  17-31 August  to mark the 67th anniversary of Revolution Day (20 August 1953).

CO     - Once again special station T45FM will be QRV from the lighthouse at Punta Maya on  21-23 August,  especially during  the  International Lighthouse  Lightship  Weekend.  Expect  activity on  80-10 metres, mainly digital modes. QSL via RW6HS.

CT     - Members of the Oeste DX Gang  will be active as  CQ0ODX/p  from the lighthouse of Cape Carvoeiro on 21-23 August. They will operate CW, SSB and FT8/FT4 on the HF bands, plus 6 and 2 metres.  QSL only via LoTW or Club Log's OQRS.

ES     - Look for ES0/LY5O  to be active  from a  "few Estonian lighthouses" located on islands in IOTA Group EU-034 on 17-19 August. QSL direct to home call.

F      - Chris, F5OHH and Dyd, F4ELJ will be active as TM2LW from Kerprigent Lighthouse  in the  French Department  of  Cotes-d'Armor (Bretagne) during  the  International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend  (22-23 August).  All QSOs  will be confirmed  automatically  via the bureau; direct cards via F4ELJ.

GM     - Members  of the  Na Fir Chlis Amateur Radio Club  (MS0NFC)  will be active as GB9UL from Ushenish Lighthouse on the  Isle of South Uist EU-010) during the  International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend (22-23 August). Main activity will be on 40 and 20 metres. QSL via eQSL only.

I      - A group of operators from ARI Genova (IQ1GE) will be  active  again as II1L from La Lanterna during the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend (22-23 August).  QSL via LoTW, Club Log's OQRS, direct or bureau. Also QRV will be IQ4RA from the lighthouse at  Marina di Ravenna, with planned activity on  80, 40 and 20 metres SSB and CW, as well as on the  QO-100 Geostationary satellite.  QSL via the bureau or direct.

LU     - Radio Club QRM Belgrano, LU4AAO will be active on  23-29 August  to celebrate the 100th anniversary  of the  first regularly  scheduled radio transmissions  in  Argentina which began  on  27 August 1920, when  Wagner's  "Parsifal"  was broadcast  live  from  the  Coliseo Theatre  in  Buenos  Aires.   More  information  can  be  found  on http://lu4aao.org/cert_centenario_radiofonia.htm.

OJ0    - Henri, OH3JR expects to be active again as  OJ0JR from  Market Reef (EU-053) on 15-21 August. In his spare time he will operate CW, FT8 and possibly SSB on 80-10 metres.  QSL via home call and  Club Log.

OZ     - Special callsign OZ200EM will be active throughout  the rest of the year  to celebrate the  200th anniversary of the discovery of electromagnetism by Hans Christian Orsted. QSL via OZ1ACB.

OZ     - Helmich, PA0HEL will be active as OV1LHH from  Hanstholm Lighthouse on Vendsyssel-Thy (EU-171) on  21-27 August. QSL via PA0HEL (bureau preferred).

OZ     - Lau OV2B, Steen OV7B and Lars OZ1FUS  will be active as OV1LH  from the lighthouse on  Helnaes, a satellite of  the main island of  Fyn (EU-172),  during  the  International Lighthouse Lightship  Weekend (22-23 August). They plan to operate SSB on 80, 40, 20, 15, 10  
and 6 metres.  The log will be uploaded  to LoTW and Club Log;  QSL via OV7B.

OZ     - Mike, DG5LAC will be active as OZ/DG5LAC  from Romo Island (EU-125) from 22 August  to  5 September.  He will operate SSB, FT8 and FT4.
QSL via Club Log's OQRS, or via DG5LAC.

VK     - Andy, VK5MAV plans  to be active again  as  VK5MAV/p  from  Granite Island (OC-228) on either  22  or  23 August,  depending on weather conditions. He will operate CW on 20 metres with 100 watts (battery powered) and a vertical antenna.  He will  not be able to overnight on the island, because access is limited to daytime hours only,  so look for him on +/- 14042 kHz  between about 00.00  and  07.00 UTC. QSL via Club Log's OQRS.

VR     - Special callsign  VR2HK9O  will be active  apparently  until 31 May 2021  to celebrate the  90th anniversary  of the  Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (HARTS). QSL via VR2HK.

VU     - AT5AUG is the special callsign  used by the  West Bengal Radio Club on 14-16 August for the 74th Independence Day  (celebrated annually on 15 August, it commemorates India's independence from the  United Kingdom in 1947). An electronic QSL will be available, see qrz.com.

W      - John, N9EAJ will be active holiday style as N9EAJ/4 from Santa Rosa Island (NA-142) on 20-25 August.  He will operate SSB and CW on 40-15 metres. QSL via home call.

Iota News

EU-028.  Members of the ARI Modena radio club will be active as IA5MO from Giglio Island (IIA T002, WLOTA N. 0564, WAIP GR), Italy, between September 3-8th. Activity will be on various HF bands
using CW, SSB, RTTY and the Digital modes. QSL via IK4RLM, direct or by the Bureau.

EU-064.  Patrice, F6GCP, will once again be active as F6GCP/P from Noirmoutier Island between August 23rd and September 5th.
Activity will be holiday style on 40/30/20 meters using mainly CW (some FT8/PSK31/PSK63) with 100w and an Elevated Vertical. QSL via F6GCP by the REF Bureau.

EU-125.  Mike, DG5LAC, will be active as OZ/DG5LAC from Romo Island, Denmark, between August 22nd and September 5th. Activity will be on various HF bands using SSB and FT8/FT4.
QSL via DG5LAC or ClubLog's OQRS.

NA-134.  Bo, OZ1DJJ, will once again be active as OX3LX from Asiaat, Uummanaq and Upernavik Islands (WW Loc. GP38NQ, GQ30WQ and GQ12WS), Greenland, between August 24th and September 20th. Dates can be changed; watch QRZ.com. Activity will be on 40-4 meters with a focus 50 and 70 MHz. When not active, he will run a WSPR beacon on 40-6 meters. He states this is NOT a DXpedition, and the best chance to work him will be around lunchtime and after dinner (his local time UTC-2), also during the weekend, possibly at night/morning. QSL via OZ0J direct (see QRZ.com). Logs get uploaded to LoTW, ClubLog and sometimes eQSL. For more details and updates, watch QRZ.com or his Web page at: http://geronne.dk/index.php/ox3lx/ox3lx-dxped

NA-142.  John, N9EAJ, will activate this IOTA group between August 20-25th (with perhaps overlapping days on either end). Activity will be holiday style. He states [edited] that he will be
"staying at the Destin West RV Resort which is located on Okaloosa Island. Hopefully I will be able to set up my CrankIR and run 500 watts from the motorhome, but many RV parks are not very 'ham radio friendly' - especially so, these kind. I will not be able to 'hide' the antenna amongst a bunch of trees because there are none - the antenna will be very visible.... if there are problems operating from the park I will do my best to get out and operate from other locations on the island or perhaps Santa Rosa Island which is connected to Okaloosa and also NA-142. There are many miles of undeveloped beachfront in this area - I should be able to find places to operate! I will be operating mostly ssb. As much as I love cw in recent years I have been having a really hard time pulling out individual callsigns from a pilup - and the condition isn't getting any better the older I get! If I try cw it will most likely be split. With the Crank IR I should be able to operate on 40 through 10 meters. 60 meters and FT8 are not options at this time so please don't bother to ask. I will post my logs to LoTW after my return to WI and ClubLog hopefully from the island. Depends on internet access at the resort." QSL via his home callsign.

OC-228.  Andy, VK5MAV, posted the following on FaceBook this past week: "Well - another chance for someone :-) If you have not yet worked IOTA OC-228 [Granite Island], a new chance appears. On August 22nd or 23rd, I will be on the island. What day - depends on the weather, it will be clear in a couple of days before and I let you know. Access to the island by the bridge is closed in case of strong winds, and to sit in the rain with all the hardware somehow does not attract me. Alas, again 100 W from the battery, again GP, again 20 m band only, again CW only. I will move around 14042, depending on the situation on the air. Time is scheduled from around 0 GMT until our twilight,
7 GMT. I will be on the internet all the time, email, watching DX Summit cluster, phone, Skype, Facebook, but I will upload the log only after the end of this disgrace.
Hope to hear everyone who needs it."


Qsl Info

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5Z4VJ & 5Z4J ---> Andy, G3AB has been active as 5Z4VJ (his newly issued permanent callsign) since 12 August.  QSL via LoTW or via M0URX's OQRS. A resident in Nairobi  for  the next few years,  he  has already logged  more than 50,000 QSOs as 5Z4/G3AB starting in late October 2019.
5Z4J is the callsign issued  John, ZS5J  (aka C91J, A25J and 7P8/ZS5J),  who has been living and working in Kenya for three years now. QSL via LoTW only.


IARU NEWS: HF DIGITAL MODE BAND PLAN REVIEW ---> "Because  frequency allocations and  amateur radio operating interests vary in  different parts of the world, the  development of band plans  -  voluntary guidelines on the use of the spectrum that is  available to radio amateurs  -  is a responsibility of the three  IARU regional organizations",  IARU Secretary  David Sumner, K1ZZ
posted to the website of IARU on 14 August. "Each of the three Regions has a band planning committee  to focus  on this work.  In recent years there have been increased efforts to bring the regional band plans into alignment wherever possible.  Final approval of band plan revisions is generally given  by the regional conferences of  IARU member-societies that are held every three
years on a rotating basis.
This approach to band planning generally has kept pace  with the evolution of amateur radio operating.  However, the  explosive growth in HF  (below 30 MHz) digital modes, particularly FT8, has led to  perceived overcrowding  of HF digital mode band segments.  Accordingly, a working group has been formed consisting of  representatives of the  three regional band planning  committees.  This is the first time the three Regions have joined together  to directly coordinate band planning efforts.
The working group has already had  fruitful discussions  with the WSJT development Group led by Joe Taylor, K1JT.  Additional discussions,  including with other HF stakeholders, will be held as part of  a fundamental review of the different  HF digital modes,  and how they  can be best categorized  and
arranged to share the limited spectrum available.
The main aim is  to develop solutions  that reduce congestion  within very popular mode segments  while  preventing mutual interference  between incompatible modes to the greatest extent possible.  While the proposed band plan revisions will have  to be approved by member-societies in each Region,  recent administrative changes mean that the changes can be implemented without having to wait for the regional conferences.
Amateurs are encouraged to follow progress through their IARU member Society and  the respective  IARU websites,  all of which  can  be  reached  via https://www.iaru.org".


TT8RR & TT8XX ---> The Italian DXpedition Team's operation from Chad,  which was planned to take place from 29 September to 12 October, has been postponed  until  sometime next year,  "Covid-19 situation permitting".
Updates will be posted to http://www.i2ysb.com/idt.


W/VE ISLANDS ---> This year's edition of the  W/VE Islands QSO Party will be held from 12 UTC on 29 August through 03.00 UTC on the 30th (15 hours). Complete information can be found on https://usislands.org/qso-party-rules/.


XU7AKU & XU7AKV ---> Tad, JA1DFK is active as either XU7AKU  and XU7AKV from Phnom Penh, Cambodia during the next couple of years.  He operates mainly CW and SSB,  with some digital activity.  QSL via Club Log's OQRS, or direct to JA1DXA.
See http://xd487474.wp.xdomain.jp/ for more information.

PJ4, BONAIRE (Special Event/Award). The following was posted on QRZ.com on August 9th [edited]: PJ4TEN is a special event station active during October 2020 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of "10/10/10" – October 10th, 2010. On that date the former country of the Netherlands Antilles
was dissolved and Bonaire became a 'special municipality' of the Netherlands. As a result, Bonaire became a new DXCC entity on that date.
To mark the 10th anniversary, Bonaire's radio amateurs are organizing a month-long operating event. A PDF award will be available to those who achieve 10 points by making contacts with PJ4 stations during October.
1. A total of 10 points are required.
2. A contact with PJ4TEN is worth 2 points.
3. A contact with any other PJ4 station is worth 1 point.
4. Exception: on the exact anniversary, between 0000UTC and 2359UTC on Saturday October 10th, all PJ4 stations count 2 points.
5. All stations may be worked more than once on different bands and/or modes for additional points. Example: QSOs with PJ4TEN on 14 MHz SSB and 7 MHz FT8, and with PJ4NX on 14 MHz CW and 7 MHz FT8, would count a total of 6 points (2+2+1+1). However, if all those QSOs took place
on 10/10/20 a total of 8 points would be scored (2+2+2+2).
6. Only contacts made between 0000 UTC on October 1st and 2359 UTC on October 31st count towards the Bonaire 10/10/10 Award.
7. There is no fee and no QSLs are required.
8. To apply: send a list of contacts made, stating the date, time (UTC), band and mode to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
9. The award is also available to SWLs on a 'heard' basis. For each contact logged, please list at least two stations with which the PJ4 station was in contact.

The following is a list of all currently-licensed Bonaire stations:
PJ4BZL (Berry)---PJ4KY (Bert)---PJ4TEN (special event station)
PJ4DX (Steve)----PJ4NG (Noah)-PJ4/DC7MO (Monika)
PJ4EVA (Eva)-----PJ4NX (Peter)--PJ4/DL1COP (Holger)
PJ4GR (Gerard)--PJ4RF (Rinse)--PJ4/PE1NMB (Erwin, awaiting full PJ4 callsign)
Other PJ4 callsigns may also be active during the month.

The special event station PJ4TEN, along with PJ4DX, PJ4KY and PJ4NX, the QSL information is via Tim Beaumont, M0URX, direct, via OQRS and via LoTW. QSL PJ4BZL, PJ4EVA, PJ4GR and PJ4RF via info on QRZ.com. QSL PJ4NG via K4BAI.