Het DX-nieuws van week 35 2021. Ook nu weer verzameld door Henk - PD3H.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation globally, announced activities might be cut short, postponed, cancelled or even extended at any time and without notice...

DXcalender 2021Aug 

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3X, GUINEA (Update/Interesting Callsign). Jean-Philippe, F1TMY (J28PJ), will be active as 3X2021 (interesting and correct callsign) from Conakry, Guinea, starting mid-September. He states that his activity will be on HF (160-6m) and on the QO100 (IJ39) satellite. He also states that there will be portable activities from the Los Islands (AF-051). Length of stay was not mentioned. QSL via ClubLog.


5H, TANZANIA. Maurizio, IK2GZU, will once again returned to "Mission Ilembula" to do some volunteer work at the Ikelu hospital and orphanage between September 25th and November 20th. He plans to be active during his spare time as 5H3MB on various HF bands using CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8. Maurizio will use his FT-891 and dipoles GP for 10 MHz. QSL via IK2GZU, direct, by the Bureau and ClubLog. Also, QSL via LoTW (after his return home) and eQSL. For more details, updates and an online log, visit his Web pages at: http://www.buffoli-pm.it/5h/Tanzania%202011.htm
or http://www.buffoli-pm.it/5h/qsl%20request.htm


5U, NIGER. Reports indicate that Adrien, F4IHM, will be back on the air again as 5UAIHM from Niamey between September 11th and October 22nd. Activity is usually very limited, but watch 40/20 meters CW between 1800-2030z. QSL via F4IHM, direct or by the Bureau.

7Q, MALAWI. Vasco, 7Q7CT, a Portuguese operator that has been living in Lilongwe, Malawi, since 1992, announced on QRZ.com that he uses the following frequencies (suggested times were not provided):
40 meters -- between 7090-7098 kHz
20 meters -- between 14180-14200 kHz
15 meters -- between 21350-21360 kHz
A list of his equipment (multiple transceivers and antennas) is listed on QRZ.com. QSL via JH1AJT. He states that he uses echolink (SM-G965F/DS) and FaceBook:
There are plently of pictures on FaceBook.

9A & EA8, CROATIA AND CANARY ISLANDS. By the time you read this, Michael, DF8AN, will be active as 9A/DF8AN from Croatia until September 12th. He plans to activate several different lighthouses. Activity will be on CW and the Digital modes; usually QRP. After his 9A/DF8AN, Michael will head
to the Canary Island and activate Lanzarote Island (AF-004) between October 2-10th. QSL via DF8AN, direct or by the Bureau. NO LoTW.


C5, THE GAMBIA (Update). Operators Luc/F5RAV, Gerard/F5NVF and Abdel/M0NPT will be active as C5C from The Gambia between October 24th and November 19th. Activity will be on various HF bands using CW, SSB, Digital and the QO-100 satellite. They are also planning to be active in CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 30-31st). QSL via F5RAV.

DL - Special callsign DG60TRIPS will be active on 1-30 September, in remembrance of Wolfgang von Trips, the German Formula One racing driver who lost his life - and killed several spectators - on 10 September 1961 in a terrible accident during the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. QSL via the bureau, or direct to DJ6SI.

DL - Markus, DJ4EL and Thorsten, DJ5TM will be active from Memmert Island (EU-047) on 3 September, for "just one or two hours" in the early UTC afternoon. They will operate SSB on 40 and 20 metres.

ED3/EG1-EG8/EH1-EH8, SPAIN (Special Event). Once again look for the following special event stations ED3SDC, EG1SDC through EG8SDC and EH1SDC through EH8SDC between September 1-12th. Activity is commemorating the festivity of Asturias Day and its patron saint, Santina de Covadonga.
QSL all callsigns via EA1AUM, direct, by the Bureau, LoTW or eQSL. Special downloadable certificates are available. For more details, see: http://santina.dxfun.com
or https://www.qrz.com/lookup/EG1SDC


EG5, SPAIN (Special Event). Members of the URE section of Torrent (Valencia) Union of Radio Amateurs Torrent (EB5URT) will activate the special event callsign EG5DIC to celebrate "International Chocolate Day" (September 13th). Activity will take place between September 10-17th, starting from 1000 UTC on Friday, September 10th, until 2400 UTC on Sunday, September 19th.
Operations will be on various HF bands (80-10m) using CW, SSB and the Digital mode (FT8). A downloadable special diploma/award (PDF) is available (see QRZ.com for details). QSL via the Bureau.

F - Thomas, DL1ASA will be active as F/DL1ASA/p from Ile d'Oleron (EU-032) from 30 August to 1 September. After that, he will be QRV for another couple of weeks from the French mainland. QSL via the bureau to home call.

F - Special callsign TM42CDXC will be active on 3-17 September for the 42nd Convention of the Clipperton DX Club (https://cdxc.org/) to be held at Yenne (Savoie) on 17-19 September. QSL via F5CWU (OQRS on http://www.f5cwu.net/oqrs/).

GB0, ENGLAND (Special Event). Ed, M0MNG, will be active as GB0KSS (suffix Kent Surrey Sussex) from Littlehampton in support of Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex (https://www.aakss.org.uk/) during the International Air Ambulance Week (IAW)[http://www.radio-amateur-events.org/IAW/index.htm]. He plans to be active throughout the whole nine day event, starting
Saturday, September 4th, until the following Sunday, September 12th. Activity will be mostly on 40 meters SSB above 7.1MHz, although he will appear on the higher HF bands if they are open. If you work this station (reference number A030) then it will count towards the IAW Award. Details
are at: http://www.radio-amateur-events.org/IAW/Awards.htm
Ed states, "I don't have a dedicated QSL card for GB0KSS, but if you want one of mine (M0MNG) then I am happy to QSL direct or via the Bureau to M0MNG."


GB1, ENGLAND (Special Event). Nigel, M0NJW, will be active as GB1SAK (suffix St. Annes Kites) from the St. Annes International Kite Festival on the north west coast of England, between September 3-5th. He states, "This coincides with SSB field day, and I'll be using a long wire antenna supported by a kite. I hope to work as many stations as possible over that weekend." QSL via M0OXO's OQRS.

HB0 - Look for Tina, HB0/DL5YL and Fred, HB0/DL5YM to be active once again from Liechtenstein on 5-28 September. Usually they operate CW, RTTY and some SSB on 160-6 metres. They will be looking for Asia and Oceania on 30 and 20m via the long path, as the short path is blocked by the mountains. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau.

HK - Lothar, DK8LRF expects to be back to Colombia and be active again as HK3JCL from 1 September until the end of May 2022. Usually he is QRV daily starting around 20 UTC on 40 or 20 metres. QSL via the bureau to DK8LRF.

HS, OZ - The friendly relations between Denmark and Thailand date back to 1621, when the fist Danish ship arrived to Siam (Thailand) and was granted permission to trade. Celebrating the 400th anniversary of the first contact between the two countries, special callsigns HS400OZ (QSL via E21EIC) and OZ400HS (QSL via Club Log's OQRS) will be active from 1 September to 31 October. All logs for both callsigns will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL. Certificates and "special prizes" will be available, see https://www.qrz.com/db/OZ400HS for information.

JU1, MONGOLIA (SAT Op). Jaeseok, HL1WP (ex-HL2WP), is once again active as JU1WP from Ulanbator since July. Activity has been mainly on the LEO satellites using an IC-9700 with Serbian dual band yagi. More details are available on QRZ.com. QSL only via LoTW.

K2, UNITED STATES (Special Event). Special event stations K2A, K2R and K2S will be active between now and September 5th. The event is for the Amateur Radio Software Award and the 2021 Award Recipient Jordan Sherer (KN4CRD), the author of JS8Call?. QSL via direct with SASE. Detailed
operating schedule is available at: https://arsaward.com/special-event.html
* The Amateur Radio Software Award is an annual international award for the recognition of software projects that enhance amateur radio. The award aims to promote amateur radio software development which adheres to the same spirit as amateur radio itself: innovative, free and open. Every year the award commitee selects a recipient for the award. The award includes a monetary grant for the recipient. Visit (https://arsaward.com for more information). They are accepting nominations for the 2022 award at https://arsaward.com/award-nominations.html
* ARSA committee awarded the 2nd annual Amateur Radio Software Award to Jordan Sherer, KN4CRD, and his project, JS8Call. The award committee has considered numerous factors in choosing this year's winner, including the project's impact on furthering the interests of amateur radio, innovation, and community involvement. JS8Call is a fullledged weak-signal digital communication application for amateur radio operators. In the spirit of open-source, Jordan extended the popular FT8 protocol instead of reinventing the wheel. During the 5 years of development, JS8Call has become a new tool for ARES functions and has cultivated a community of radio enthusiasts for digital communications. Jordan's work on JS8Call provides important innovation to advance the art of radio in the digital field. JS8Call is licensed under GPLv3 and can be freely downloaded at (http://js8call.com). The ARSA committee is proud to present the 2021 Amateur Radio Software
Award Certificate and an award grant of $300 to Jordan Sherer, the project owner and core contributor of the JS8Call application. They are looking forward to next year's Amateur Radio Software Award. Input and nominations for future awards are welcome.

LY785, LITHUANIA (Special Event). Valerijus, LY2QT, will be active with the special event callsign LY785QT from Siauliai during the month of September. Activity is to celebrate 785th anniversary of the City of Siaulai. Activity will be on various HF bands and modes. QSL via LY2QT.


LZ23, BULGARIA (Special Event). Members of the Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs (BFRA) will be hosting the 23rd IARU R1/European ARDF Championships and the 18th European Youth ARDF Championships. Both events will take place simultaneously in Bansko, Bulgaria, between August 28th
and September 3rd. BFRA will be on the air signing LZ23ARDF from Bansko. The Championship venue will be held at the most famous Bulgarian winter ski resort, 130 kilometers south of Sofia in the Pirin Mountains foothills, but it is also beautiful in summer. QSL via the LZ QSL Bureau.


N7, UNITED STATES (Special Event/Never Forget). Members of the American Legion Post 10 Amateur Radio Club (N7ALA) will be active using the special event callsign N7F (Never7Forget) between September 9-12th. Activity is to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Their schedule is as follows:
September 9th 1600z to September 10th 0200z
September 10th 1600z to September 11th 0200z
September 11th 1600z to September 12th 0200z
September 12th 1600z to September 13th 0200z
Activity will be on 40/20 meters using SSB, PSK-31 and CW. Club members may operate from home QTH. QSL with SASE sent to: N7F Never Forget, c/o American Legion Post 10, 1215 Pacific Blvd SE, Albany, OR 97321.

OE - Celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Nobel Prizes, first awarded in 1901, and paying a tribute to the Austrian laureates, special callsigns OE120AGD, OE120BKC, OE120DMT, OE120SGU, OE120TWA, OE120U, OE120WDR, OE120XDX, OE120XFG, OE120XGM, OE120XKJ, OE120XRC and OE120YXK will be active between 23 August and 31 December. QSL via operator's instructions. Four certificates will be available:

OE - Special event station OE130KUK will be active between 1 September and 30 October to mark the 130th anniversary of the first telegraphy course held for the cavalry at the Franz-Josef-Kaserne (barracks) in Tulln. QSL via the bureau. The suffix KUK stands for Kaiserlich und Koeniglich ("Imperial and Royal") and refers to the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary from 1867 to 1918.

ON - Members of Radio Club Leuven will be active as OO21WCC throughout September. The special callsign is for the 94th edition of the UCI Road World Championships, the annual world championships for road bicycle racing, that will take place on 19-26 September in the Flanders region of Belgium. QSL via the bureau, LoTW, eQSL, or direct to ON3AR.

PY - Members of the Clube de Radioamadores de Tatui will be active as ZY2O from the National Forest of Ipanema in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo on 3-5 September. They will operate CW, SSB and digital modes on HF, VHF and via satellite. QSL via the bureau and LoTW, or direct to Caixa Postal 51, Tatui - SP, 18270-970, Brazil.

R875, EUROPEAN RUSSIA (Special Event). Special event station R875GE will be active from Yelets, Lipetskaya oblast, between September 1-5th, to commemorate the 875th anniversary of Elets City. Activity will be on various HF bands. QSL via the Bureau.

S5030, SLOVENIA (Special Event). Alex, S50DX, is active as S5030DX from Prevalje until December 31st, to celebrate 30th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Slovenia. QSL via LoTW or eQSL.

SV5 - Claudio, HB9OAU will be active holiday style as SV5/HB9OAU from Karpathos Island, Dodecanese (EU-001) on 3-17 September. He will operate SSB, RTTY and FT8 on 80-10 metres. QSL via LoTW, eQSL or via home call (bureau and direct).

SV5 - Reiner, DL2AAZ will be active holiday style as SV5/DL2AAZ from Rhodes, Dodecanese (EU-001) on 5-19 September. He will operate SSB and CW on 40-10 metres and the QO-100 satellite. QSL via home call, bureau or direct.

SX021, GREECE (Special Event). Operators Manos/SV1IW and Miroslav/YT7MPB will activate the special event callsign SX021IEEE between September 1-15th. Activity is to promote the 26th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC) 2021 (https://iscc2021.unipi.gr/) which take place in Athens, Greece, between September 5-8th. See QRZ.com for more details.
All contacts will be confirmed via the Logbook of the World (LoTW). For a paper QSL please send your QSL card to the SV QSL Bureau Att. SV1IW.

TI - TI200I is the special callsign for the Radio Club de Costa Rica to celebrate the bicentennial of the independence of Costa Rica on 1-30 September. Look for activity on all bands and modes. QSL via LoTW. Info: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

TL - Silvano, I2YSB and the Italian DX Team have announced their plans for a DXpedition to take place from the Central African Republic sometime "in the Spring of 2022". Seven operators will be active as TL8AA (CW, SSB and RTTY) and TL8ZZ (FT8) with four stations on 160-6 metres. More information is expected in due course. Info: http://www.i2ysb.com/idt

UA - Special callsign UE80PQ will be active between 25 August and 25 September commemorating the 80th anniversary of Operation Dervish. This was the first of the Arctic Convoys by which the Western Allies delivered essential supplies to the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany between 1941 and 1945; "PQ" was the code for the outbound convoys. QSL via Club Log's OQRS, or via RN1ON.

VE - Luke, VE6FTP has been active as VE6FTP/VY0 from Resolute Bay on Cornwallis Island (NA-009) since 23 August. Length of stay not known. So far he has been spotted during the UTC evening/night hours on 20 metres SSB.


VK9N, NORFOLK ISLANDS. A few sources are reporting that Nick, VK2DX, will be moving to Norfolk Island later this year, and should be active as VK9DX around Christmas time. He states that 80m is his favorite band, and expects to be very active on that bands, all modes. His new location has five acres on a hilltop 400 ft. above the ocean, with a number of 40m pine trees. However, both NSW and Norfolk Island are in a lockdown, but they are optimistic that travel will resume in a month or two.


W1, UNITED STATES (Special Event/Transatlantic Tests of 1921). Mark your calendar. 2021 marks the 100th year anniversary of the historic Transatlantic Tests where radio amateurs using the callsign 1BCG were responsible for the first successful radio communication across the Atlantic Ocean on "short waves". On December 11, 2021, the American Radio Relay League, The Radio Club of America and the Antique Wireless Association will recreate these historic transmissions on 160 meters near the same location in Westport, Connecticut, that was used in 1921, using a replica transmitter constructed by volunteers at the Antique Wireless Association, and operating as W1BCG, the callsign of the Shoreline Amateur Radio Club. This special event is your opportunity to relive a historic moment in amateur radio history. The operating schedule and frequency for the 1BCG Transatlantic Tests Special Event has not been established. Additional details will be posted on the following Web page when they are available: http://1BCG.org


W2, UNITED STATES (Special Event/We Will Never Forget). Members of the Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club (GSBARC)[W2GSB] and the Northeast Wireless Radio Club [NW2C] will activate the special event callsign W2T from Fort Totten Park (Army Base) Queens, NY, on September 11th, between
10 am EST to 8 pm EST. Activity is to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center. Operations will be on various HF bands using CW, SSB, satellites and the Digital modes. Please visit the QRZ.com W2T page after the event to get a downloadable certificate only.


W8S SWAINS ISLAND DXPEDITION NEWS. Steve/AG4W and Adrian/KO8SCA attended the Huntsville hamfest last weekend where Adrian also gave a successful W8S presentation at the NADXC banquet. The current plans for the W8S Swains Island DXpedition is to take place during the Spring of 2022.
Swains Island is ranked #30 on the ClubLog's "Most Wanted List". The W8S team consists of 10 members: Hans/DL6JGN (Team Leader), Ronald/PA3EWP (Co-Team Leader), Uwe/DJ9HX, Axel/DL6KVA, Steve/AG4W, Adrian/KO8SCA, Martin/PA4WM, Marcel/PA9M, Gerben/PG5M (QSL Manager) and Rainer/DL2AMD. Activity will be on all HF bands using CW, SSB, FT8 and RTTY, with 4
stations from 2 separate camps. It is a 12 hour boat ride from American Samoa (KH8). For more details and updates, see the following URLs pages:
Swains Island DXpedition Web page -- https://swains2020.lldxt.eu/
Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/swains2020
Twitter -- https://twitter.com/swains2020


ZW16, BRAZIL (Special Event). Mor, PT7ZT, is now active as ZW16ZT to celebrate the 16th Paralympic Games (being held in Tokyo) until September 5th. Activity will be on various HF bands using SSB and the Digital modes. Most of his activities have been on 40/20/17/15 meters using FT8.
QSL via PT7ZT, direct or LoTW.


Iota News
**EU-011. Members of the South Dorset Radio Society will be active as GB0SCI from St. Mary's in the Scilly Isles archipelago, SW of Land's End off the Cornish coast, between the evening of September 18th, and the morning of September 22nd. Operators mentioned are Ray/M0XDL, Stuart/M0SGV, Peter/G4UIX, Mike/G8VCN, Fred/G0LVF and Kevin/2EOKKV. Activity will be on various HF bands using CW, SSB, PSK and FT8. QSL via M0XDL, direct, eQSL or LoTW.

**EU-032. By the time you read this, Tom, DL1ASA, should be active as F/DL1ASA/p from the the Poitou-Charentes Region IOTA Group until September 1st. Activity is usually on 20m and 40m using
CW and SSB. QSL via the Bureau.

**EU-047. Operators Markus/DJ4EL and Thorsten/DJ5TM will be active as DJ4EL/P and DJ5TM/P, respectively, from Memmert Island (WW Loc. JO33kp) sometime between September 2-5th. This island has never been activated before. Activity will be on 40/20 meters using SSB for only a few hours. Before and after their activity from Memmert Island, operators will be active also from Juist Island (also EU-047, WW Loc. JO33lq). QSL via their home callsigns.

**EU-124. Paul, G4PVM, will be active as GW4PVM from Holy Island (WW Loc. IO73QH, WAB SH28), Wales, between September 26th and October 1st. Activity will be holiday style on 40-10 meters using CW and SSB, with 100 watts into a vertical antenna. QSL via LoTW, eQSL and ClubLog for IOTA. NO QSL cards.

**EU-125. Fabian, DF3XY, is expected to be active as OZ/DF3XY from the Island of Romo (WWFF OZFF-0004) in Denmark while on holiday. His length of stay is unknown. He will use an Icom IC-7300
with a dipole antenna, mounted on a fiber pole about 10m over the ground as INV-V. QSL via his home callsigns, direct, by the German Bureau or eQSL.


Qsl Info
CW5X --------- Lupo Bano Negreira, Casilla de Correos 950, 11000 Montevideo, Uruguay
EJ7NET ------- Declan Craig, 167 Saint James's Road, Dublin 12, D12 W6T4, Ireland
EL2BG -------- I.Richmond W.K. Harding, 6141 Clifton Avenue Ext, Jacksonville, FL 32211, USA
GB0PLL ------ Dafydd Owen, Pant Y Fedwen, 39 Glanrafon Estate, Bontnewydd, Caernarvon, LL55 2UW, United Kingdom
GB2MUC ---- Euan Crawford, The Cottage, Cumliewick, Sandwick, Shetland, ZE2 9HH, United Kingdom
HV0A --------- Francesco Valsecchi, Via Bitossi 21, 00136 Roma RM, Italy
IK2DUW ----- Antonello Passarella, Via Melchiorre Gioia 6, 20812 Limbiate MB, Italy
K4H ----------- W4IBM ARC K4H, 598 Trace Road, Dallas GA 30157, USA
OE120XGM - Onda Corta Amateur Radio Association, Postfach 2, 4580 Windischgarsten, Austria
OG66X ------- Jouni Mehtomaa, Kylmalantie 1, FI-92140 Pattijoki, Finland
SZ8G --------- Enosi Radioerasitechnon Kykladon, P.O. Box C11, Talanta, 841 00 Syros, Greece
V51MA ------ Harry de Jong, Broekdijk 59, 7695 TC Bruchterveld, The Netherlands
YV7PMG ---- Pedro M. Gonzalez G., C/ Aurora, San Sebastian, Tacarigua 6323, Estado Nueva Esparta, Venezuela
Z36T --------- Ace Jevremov, Postfach 14, 82378 Peissenberg, Germany
ZB2LGT ----- GARS, PO Box 292, Gibraltar
ZW16ZT ---- Carlos Alberto Pinto Moreira, Rua Pamela Loren 59, Mangabeira, Eusebio - CE, 61760-000, Brazil

No Info received


Roberto Franca Stuckert, PT2GTI died of a heart attack on 23 August aged 78. A renowned professional photojournalist, he was the former Executive Director of Brazil's IARU society (LABRE) as well as the current President of its Federal District branch. He was well known in the IOTA circles for operating from several island groups - notably SA-019 (PY0A/PY0B in 1994 and PW6AI in 2002), SA-028 (ZW2SS/ZY2SS in 1999), SA-042 (ZW8M in 2003), SA-060 (ZY8R in 1997), SA-062 (ZV2GTI/PY6 in 1993 and ZW6C/ZX6C in 1996), SA-072 (ZY8P in 2015 and ZX8TI/ZX8NO in 2017). He was also active from Trindade (ZV0TI in 1995) & Martim Vaz (ZV0MB/ZV0MV in 1996), the St. Peter and St. Paul Archipelago (ZV0SB/ZV0SW in 1999) and the South Shetlands (ZX0DX/ZX0CW in 1998 and ZX0GTI in 2004).


INDEXA NEWSLETTER ---> The Summer 2021 issue (#133) of the International DX Association's Newsletter is now available for download on the INDEXA website
(https://indexa.org/newsletters.html). "With the still no active DXpeditions", Steve Molo, KI4KWR, says, "I've reached back to the Summer 2009 issue to reproduce the report on the Lord Howe Island DXpedition, VK9LA. There is a list of members we have lost contact with and if you can help us find them... Thank you! Lastly I have a spotlight on Director Gary Dixon, K4MQG, who has been with INDEXA since 1983".

60M NEWS. Paul, G4MWO, Editor of the 5 MHz Newsletter, reports in the "The 5 MHz Newsletter - No. 27 Summer 2021" edition: "48 countries make up the CEPT - European Conference of Postal & Telecommunications Administrations. Of these, 39 countries now have an Amateur presence on 5 MHz. This makes a total of 81.25% or well over three-quarters of its members."
This is just one great tidbit from "The 5 MHz Newsletter" which is 5 pages long. The summer edition also has a map that shows all the countries that currently have an official Amateur Radio presence on 5 MHz, whether it be by WRC-15, RR 4.4, Trial Basis or Individual Special Permits.

The 5 MHz Newsletter -- Can be found freely available at any time at:
The 5 MHz Newsletter Archive is at:
G4MWO's Worldwide 5 MHz Amateur Allocations Chart at:
ISWL CALLSIGNS (For September 2021). The following ISWL club callsigns will be used throughout the month of September 2021:
--GX4BJC/A - Operated by John, G8XTJ, located in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire. (IOTA EU-005, WAB-SP80, WLOTA-1841).
--MX1SWL/A - Operated by Peter, G0NQZ, located in Eastbourne, East Sussex. (IOTA EU-005, WAB-TQ50, WLOTA-1841).
--MX1SWL/P - Will also be used by Peter during September.
** Please, QSL all GX4BJC and MX1SWL callsigns via Dick, M5DIK, and NOT the individual operator. **
--GB75ISWL - Operated by Herbie, G6XOU, located in Walton on the Naze, Essex. (IOTA EU-005, WAB-TM22, WLOTA-1841).
** Please QSL GB75ISWL via Herbie G6XOU. **
All callsigns via the Bureau, eQSL.cc, or direct with return postage. (No IRCs in the UK). The I.S.W.L. is a member of the European PSK Club.
All QSL info is on: www.iswl.org.uk or www.qrzcq.com or www.qrz.com or via www.eQSL.cc. NO LoTW.
SPECIAL EVENT (Highway to a DX Party!). The Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club of San Bernardino (w6jbt.org), California, is once again hosting (probably one of the most fun special event activities) the 22nd annual "Route 66 On The Air" special event between 0000z on Saturday, September 11th and 2359z on Sunday, September 19th. The purpose of this event is to offer amateur radio operators a fun way to "Relive the Ride" of their own memories of Route 66, and to celebrate the highway's 95th anniversary. The U.S. Highway 66 established in 1926, was the first major improved highway to link the west coast with the nation's heartland. Through stories, songs, and TV shows, the highway came to symbolize the spirit of the freedom of the open road, inspiring many to see America.
Look for the following 22 stations (two are rovers) operating in or around the major cities along the old "Route 66" from Santa Monica, California, to Chicago, Illinois:
Stations City Clubs/Individuals
-------- -------------------- -------------------------
W6A Santa Monica, CA Westside Amateur Radio Club
W6B Los Angeles, CA Westside Amateur Radio Club
W6C San Bernardino, CA Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club
W6D Victorville, CA Victor Valley Amateur Radio Club
W6E Barstow, CA Barstow Amateur Radio Club
W6F Kingman, AZ (#1) K2 Amateur Radio Society
W6G Flagstaff, AZ Northern Arizona DX Association
W6H Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque DX Association
W6I Amarillo, TX Panhandle Amateur Radio Club
W6J Stroud, OK Mid-Del Amateur Radio Club
W6K Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City Auto Patch Association
W6L Tulsa, OK Tulsa Amateur Radio Club
W6M Tribune, KS Western Kansas Amateur Radio Club
W6N Joplin, MO Joplin Amateur Radio Club
W6O Lebanon, MO Lebanon Amateur Radio Club
W6P St. Louis, MO St. Louis Amateur Radio Club
W6Q Chicago, IL Six Meter Club of Chicago
W6R Springfield, MO Southwest Missouri Amateur RC
W6U Wilmington, IL Wilmington Area Amateur Radio Club
W6V* Kingman, AZ (#2) Hualapai Amateur Radio Club

* New Station Added This Year!!

W6S ROVER 1 Northern Arizona DX Association
W6T ROVER 2 Northern Arizona DX Association

Special event stations are expected to be found in the vicinity of the following frequencies. (Look for digital modes in the standard band segments for such mode) All frequencies +/- QRM:
CW - 3533, 7033, 10110, 14033, 18080, 21033, 24900, 28033 and 50033 kHz
SSB - 3866, 7266, 14266, 18164, 21366, 24966, 28466 and 50166 kHz
Digi - 3573, 7074, 10136, 14074, 18100, 21074, 24915 and 28074 kHz

R66 MOBILE Operations - Any amateurs operating while actually driving along Route 66 during the special event period are encouraged to take part in "Route 66 On The Air", by using the designation
"mobile 66" for SSB or "/m66" for CW after their callsigns. All other amateur radio operators are welcome to contact these mobile operators. NOTE: W6S AND W6T ARE THE ONLY OFFICIAL EVENT ROVER/MOBILE STATIONS AND WILL BE ENDORSED ON THE EVENT CERTIFICATE.

REPEATERS - Some of the participating clubs will also be operating this event from their local VHF/UHF repeaters. Check the ARRL repeater guide for possible repeater frequencies, if you're in the local area.

2021 ROUTE 66 - LOG SHEET: This simple log sheet can be used during the event for a quick log record. Simply click on the link below and print off. When printing make sure it's in "Landscape" orientation. https://w6jbt.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/EVENT-LOG-SHEET-FOR-WEBSITE.pdf
PLEASE NOTE: This sheet is NOT to be used to request a certificate as you must fill out the application found under the "2020 Route 66 On The Air" tab on home page, then click the "Certificate/Decal Request..." tab.
QSL - Each participating club will issue their own QSL card commemorating this event. QSL information is available on the Web at: http://w6jbt.org/?page_id=27
CERTIFICATE/DECAL REQUEST - For more details about the event and the certificate that is available, please visit the "Route 66 OTA Site" at: http://w6jbt.org
or https://w6jbt.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/F-I-N-A-L-2021-NEW-CERTIFICATE-APPLICATION.pdf